About Richard


I am the creator of the Process Enneagram(C), a powerful complexity tool for structured, focused dialogue with organizations, communities, and families. The process never fails to help people to solve complex problems providing they are willing to talk with each other, listen and learn. Our goal is to unlock the energy and creativity of the people in organizations of any sort: In a Way that: *Harmonizes the natural processes of self-organization and doing the work, *Focuses on strengthening the business and the people, *Builds Partner-Centered Leadership, *Uses the Process Enneagram and other complexity tools and *builds sustainability and a healthy organization So that: *Rapid improvements in effectiveness, productivity, agility, resilience, quality and customer service can be achieved while reducing the wastes of accidents, injuries, pollution, and dysfunctional behaviors...all at the same time.

In June 2021 I completed a six-module online course on "Leading and Using the Process Enneagram". To learn about it see www.RNKnowlesAssociates.com or call me at +1-716-622-6467. I live in the Eastern time Zone in the US.